Edition & Postproduction


I live between Berlin and Barcelona and I work as a freelance composer and post producer.


I studied cinema at CECC (Centre d'Estudis Cinematogràfics de Catalunya) in Barcelona.


I worked as composer and post producer at the animation movie "LA CRISIS CARNÍVORA", and other projects at NIKODEMO ANIMATION (Barcelona).


I participated at the short film "ANTIVIRUS" as composer and post producer, which got the Award of Best Short film in Flash Animation category at Bitfilm Festival 2008.


During the past years, I've also worked in composition and postproduction in many projects for advertising agencies and production studios as EMOTION STUDIO, BOOLAB, POSTOMA STUDIO, IDENTTY, JUANITAMOTIONSHOP, CUSTOM FX, CP PROXIMITY, PAVLOV, FULL CIRCLE KARMA, PISTACCHIO, MCCANN BARCELONA, HOMMU STUDIO, SOMOS ANIMALES SL and FAKE STUDIO... I have also worked as edition and post production supervisor at this two animation series: FAMILIA.CAT, at YANQUIPAY Animation Studio and FOUR & A HALF FRIENDS de B-Water Studios.


I participated as composer and post producer in the short film "BIRDBOY" by ABRAKAM ESTUDIO, wich won a GOYA award in 2012, in the category of Best Animation Short film.